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Two-Point Perspective


In this lesson you will use two vanishing points and keep all vertical lines parallel. First, establish your horizon line as in one-point perspective, establishing eye level. Next, establish two vanishing points at far ends of the horizon line. Now, draw a straight vertical line anywhere above, below, or between the two vanishing points. Now draw straight lines from the vanishing points to the top and button of the vertical line. Draw two more vertical lines along the left and right vanishing point lines. This will establish two sides of the 3D form. Draw two more straight lines that connect to the tops of the two new vertical lines. This will create a 3D cube in perspective below eye level. Follow the examples below. In the second example the same principle is used, however the cube is more complex and at eye level.

Materials: 4B pencil, 9 x 12 drawing paper, ruler.

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