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Experimental Drawing Lesson - Grid Drawing

This lesson encourages you to create an interpretation of a simple grid, actually using the grid as the subject of your drawing. Conceptualize the subject in different ways: perhaps in three dimensions, or looking through multiple layers of the grid, or deconstructing the grid. Push yourself to think about a standard grid and then interrupt it beyond the obvious, unlike what you are used to seeing. You can use the lines, spaces, or dimensions of the grid to reinvent it.

For this drawing assignment, use any drawing medium and substrate (paper, cardboard, etc.) to draw on. Your drawing and composition should be as large as possible, filling or going beyond the edges of the surface you are working on.

Start working from your mind, interpreting the grid below. Let your imagination explore how you can reinterpret the grid.

Basic Grid


Examples: Interpretation of the basic grid.


"16 x 24" Grid, 768 Lines", 2013, Graphite / Paper


"16 x 24" Grid, 384 Squares", 2013, Graphite / Paper

Master Artists' interpretations of the grid.


Piet Mondrian, Composition10 in Black and White, 1915


Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawings


Terry Winters, Untitled

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