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Welcome to Drawing & Painting Lessons

This free resource provides drawing and painting lessons that range from beginners to intermediate-level art students without advertising or information gathering.
The materials consist of Lectures, Assignments, and Exercises. The Assignments and Exercises should be done numerous times and revisited from time to time to build and reinforce each skill.
Many of my students are professional fine artists exhibiting and selling their work, and others have little or no experience with drawing or painting. I have developed and tested these materials in the classroom. However, they can stand on their own as lessons for any level of artistic endeavor.
I believe that the core for all visual art consists of three sources: direct observation, the mind's eye, the intuitive subconscious, and combinations thereof. We tap into imagination, intuition, and observation powers by exploring various ways of seeing, both perceptually and conceptually.
The Experimental assignments will help you explore your unique individual aesthetic in drawing and painting. The use of traditional and non-traditional art materials is encouraged.

During this COVID-19 time, if you would like some help or input, please feel free to eMail me and attach an image of the work. I will try to respond within a day or two when possible.

Stay safe and listen to health professionals.

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