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Lecture - Drawing Fundamentals

Learning to draw is teaching yourself to see and to translate what you see to a drawing.

These drawing lessons/exercises will provide you with an opportunity to experiment, analyze, and learn fundamental classical drawing principles based on the Renaissance as well as contemporary drawing techniques developed over the past hundred fifty years that have challenged those principles.  The emphasis will be on drawing in various mediums such as graphite, charcoal, crayon, etc. The skills that you will acquire are: understanding basic shapes and forms, line quality and shading, contour drawing, gesture drawing, modeled drawing, mechanical vs. visual perspective, drawing from memory and from the mind's eye.  The materials and exercises in this website will provide you with a foundation for a lifetime of drawing. 

Acquiring an ingrained understanding of these fundamental skills will allow you to grow as an artist and express yourself through drawing. You will be encouraged to draw from real-life observation of objects and human models; you will also develop the skill to draw from photos, and from memory and your mind's eye.  You will be encouraged to draw in a variety of ways to create representational and non-representational (abstract) work.

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