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Painting Lessons Objectives



This online painting workshop is composed of lessons that I hope will encourage you to explore your own unique relationship with visual art. It also is intended for you to paint in a process and style that will be uniquely yours. It is not intended to teach you how to replicate other artists' styles and techniques nor to paint predetermined pictures.

The intention of these lessons is to provide basic painting skills and to also move you beyond fundamental techniques; to help you explore the endless possibilities of creating art through painting in your own unique aesthetic.

These lessons will provide you with theory, exercise sets, and lessons to develop your painting vocabulary and skills. They are intended to help you to develop your own unique way of creating paintings to express your imagination, intuition, and powers of observation. In these lessons, you will create representational and abstract paintings that will open new creative paths to explore your personal aesthetic.


• Developing a working concept of what it means to be an artist and create paintings.
• Reinforcing the principles of traditional painting skills.
• Developing new ways of thinking, seeing, and creating.
• Building confidence through exercises that help you explore different types of mark making.


There is no wrong way of painting. These exercises will focus on the process of painting not on creating or mimicking other peoples finished works of art. These exercises will include color theory, cool perspective, brush techniques, acrylic and oil paint properties and how to create basic skin tones, and color composition. The exercises and lessons can help the experienced artist and the beginner develop new or improved painting techniques.




There are no prerequisites for these lessons other than the desire to step outside of yourself and find new creative paths. These painting lessons are designed for all levels of drawing and painting experience, however, you will have access to fundamental painting techniques and I encourage you to revisit these fundamentals throughout your artistic life.

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