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One-Point Perspective


It is important to have a solid comprehension of mechanical perspective. Keep in mind that this type of perspective is a model created to interpret and represent three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional plain or surface. The following exercise explores the principles of constructing objects in one perspective.

Materials: 4B pencil, 9 x 12 drawing paper, ruler

This perspective is the simplest one to draw as it uses only a single vanishing point (1-point perspective) and all vertical lines are parallel. First, establish your horizon line, this is eye level. Draw a square shape anywhere above, below, or on the line. Next, establish the vanishing point anywhere along the horizon line. Now, if you draw a straight line from the vanishing point to the edges of your square shape, you will see how the sides will be established. Draw a second square shape further back on the diminishing vanishing point lines and you will see that a 3D cube in perspective will form. In the second example, you can see how more complex shapes can be established in one-point perspective.

One-point perspective drawing.

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