Drawing Lessons - Objectives



This online workshop of drawing lessons encourages you to discover and develop a unique relationship with all kinds of drawing mediums, from primitive charcoal to contemporary digital drawing. The intention of the lessons is to provide the fundamentals of drawing and to also move you beyond the fundamental concepts, to help you explore the endless possibilities of mark making and to develop unique approaches to materials as well as your aesthetic decision making.


Basic Objective

In these lessons, you will create drawings from three creative sources: direct observation, the mind's eye, and the intuitive subconscious, and combinations thereof. You will tap into your imagination, intuition, and powers of observation by exploring various ways of seeing, both perceptually and conceptually. In these lessons, you will create traditional and experimental drawings that will open new creative paths to explore your personal aesthetic and drawing language.

Major Objectives

• Developing a working concept of what it means to draw.
• Reinforcing the principles of traditional drawing skills.
• Developing new ways of thinking, seeing, and creating.
• Building confidence through exercises that help you explore different types of mark making.


There is no wrong way to draw experimentally. These exercises will focus on the process of drawing, not on creating finished works of art. These exercises will include blind contour drawing, gesture and expressive line drawings, continuous line drawing, and drawing by erasing. The role of aesthetic decision making during the process of drawing will be explored and reinforced. These exercises can help people who favor precise drawing to loosen their techniques, and help those who draw loosely to approach drawing in ways they may not have thought of before.



The main prerequisite for these lessons is the desire to step outside of yourself and find new creative paths. These drawing lessons are designed for all levels of drawing experience, however, you will have access to fundamental drawing techniques, and I encourage you to revisit these fundamentals throughout your artistic life.