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July 2019


Content: "The Power of Color" at Gallery 25N   /   Philip Catania at Amsterdam Whitney  /  The Art of  Mitch Lyons

"The Power of Color" group exhibit opens at Gallery 25N


GALLERY 25N IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE EXHIBIT " The Power of Color 2019.” Fifteen International artists are included in this exciting exhibit. Among the works in this collection are the unique paintings created by Briar Tucker of New Zealand.  Ms. Tucker is the most recent recipient of the gallery's fine art grant.  We are truly honored to have Briar’s works included in this exhibit and congratulate her and her creative contributions to the art world.

Press Release by April Winters

Gallery 25N -- “The Power of Color 2019” – Our most recent and stimulating exhibit presents refreshing artwork representing an artist’s unique interpretation and treatment of a subject as it is communicated through the applications of colors.  The dynamic of color, as it provides unique voice for expressing emotion and energy, is a visual statement of artists perception and communication.


The colors within this curated exhibit, bring forth a flow of reactions as well as visceral sensations that take the viewer deep into the artist’s intentions. The thoughts projected by these unique works often become the viewers own.

This powerful exhibit is alive with color and its creative uses and wondrous methods of execution. There is a myriad of symbolic patterns evoking emotive intelligence, inspirational dreams, and life experiences.



The Exhibit







Philip Catania at Amsterdam Whitney

A selection of recent paintings

Invitation: June 21, through August 21, 2019.

Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, Inc.
531 West 25th Street New York NY 10001











































Artist Statement


Drawings are the starting point for my paintings’ journeys.  I start with one or more sketches until I complete a design I am satisfied with.  Then I transfer the idea to canvas.  Paint is a very powerful medium because it brings a drawing to life... to the ultimate in terms of depth.  Oil paints have a very original spirit.


So my process goes...  I draw a drawing.  I paint the resulting painting.  I look back at the sketch and compare the two.  For me, painting opens a doorway to a cerebral vision, making my mind go spiritually deeper which allows me to tap into the essence of my soul.  The process of mixing colors and brushing paint onto a canvas allows my thoughts to formulate ethereal ideas which produce substantial identities within my painting, giving tangibility to beings from the world beyond.  Oil paint has lots of nuances.  Brushing the oil mixture onto a canvas brings a dynamic reality to the completed piece.  The finished painting becomes more involved than my original depiction could ever be.  The result is a powerful statement. The drawing is a pale imitation of the final oil painting.


To create my finished pieces, I use flowers and figures from my sketches or drawings.  Fantasy, figures, and flowers typify life’s journey from birth to death.  Figure drawing is the ultimate key to art because the human figure is a study in geometry.  Drawings of the human body communicate ideas about the nature of humanity.  Flowers are colorful and cheerful, and they fill my heart with hope... the hope people need to fully live life.  But my surrealistic fantasy work totally captivates my mind and my soul!  Fantasy opens doors to other worlds where anamorphic shapes and figures rule.  I love it!  Art is therapy for the mind and the soul.


The Artists Website







The Art of Mitch Lyons


































The recent passing of artist Mitch Lyons has deprived the art community of a talented and creative innovator.  Having achieved wide acclaim as a potter, he undertook to explore other ways in which clay might be used as an artistic medium.  After years of experimentation, the end result was his creation of “clay monoprinting” in which art rendered on a clay slab is permanently transferred to modern canvas-like fabrics by taking advantage of the innate electrostatic properties of the clay itself  – see the YouTube video:












His clay monoprints can be found in numerous private and public collections, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Woodmere Museum, American University, and the University of Delaware.  His workshops were in great demand internationally, and a generation of his students is now actively using the methods he created.  

A retrospective of his work opens September 7, 2019 and runs through February 2, 2020 at the Delaware Museum of Art:







Some of his work is available through his estate, which can be accessed at:

The Artists Website





"Mathematical Fantasy" Private Collection

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